Iraqi Ministry of Education honors IGCESE

The Minister of Education for Technical Affairs by proxy, Mr. Ali Al-Ibrahimy met with IGCESE delegated students of Baghdad College/ Zayuna, who received four gold medals in Team Work at the Belt & Road Teenager Science Camp and Teacher Workshop 2018 which was held in Beijing, People’s Republic of China and with the participation of over 30 Foreign and Arab countries.

He praised the four students and their positive role in raising the name of Iraq high in international forums, an achievement for the Ministry of Education in particular and Iraq in general, noting that the Chinese Association of Science and Technology (CAST) and the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) of China launched the Belt & Road Teenager Science Camps annually, adding that these initiatives are aimed at promoting cultural exchange, promoting international understanding and inspiring innovation in the young generation.

These camps provide students with the opportunity to collaborate with the best students of their age at an international level to exchange ideas and study advanced knowledge in Science in the best schools in China through scientific experience and teamwork under the supervision of experienced teachers.

L–>R: Mr Ameer Al-Saedi, Mr Muhsin Al-Zuhairy, Mr Shaheen Farjo, Mr Ali Al-Ibrahimy, Mr Salam Al-Saedi, Mr Yahya Mohammed, Mr Faedl Maan, Ms Zinah Ali, Mr Kareem Al-Waily

The Director-General of Public, Private and Foreign Teaching at the Ministry, Mr Ali Al-Dulaimy met with the students who received the gold medals, listened to their participation in the camp and praised their role in overcoming their peers from different countries.

This reflects the ministry’s interest in the students’ segment, he also honored them with the Shield of Creativity and Excellence for their achievements in this international forum, which strengthened the place of Iraq among the developed countries.


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