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Welcome to the official website of the Iraqi Group of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange, an exchange group which provides the chance to share cultural, educational and scientific knowledge, meet new people and discover many cultures.

Iraqi Group of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange is for high school students, undergraduate students, and adults who have the soul of adventure and wish to visit other countries and share cultural experiences.

Iraqi Group of Cultural, Educational and Scientific Exchange has provided invaluabe cultural, educational and scientific opportunities for over 800 students since its creation in 2018.

As an investment in global understanding and peace, our group has created a cadre of future leaders of Iraq: young people who will inspire and impact others.


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  1. A truly amazing and wonderful website! Keep up the good work guys…

  2. Amazing website! It really shows your incredible activities and programs…

  3. Thank you for your amazing efforts in developing cultural, educational and scientific exchange in Iraq, I am truly amazed by your extraordinary achievements in this field…

  4. Fantastic!!!

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